Where best to host your WordPress website?

Wordpress blog hosting

Making money online does not always require your own website. But in many cases, to build a strong online business presence, you may wish to consider to having your own website.

Having your own WordPress website will allow you to combine, add and manage a multitude of affiliate offers from one place. Furthermore getting listed in search engines such as Google, Bing and many others will grow your website exposure to a worldwide audience. If you then also have great offers to share with your visitors this will be like a snowball, creating more even moe visitors and subsequently more sales.

In the ‘old’ days most websites were created in HTML code which required a lot more skills in coding, designing and creating your website.

Things have become a lot simpler through the introduction of WordPress. A familiar interface makes creating webpages as easy as pie. Adding images, videos and other content can easily be done through a huge selection of free WordPress plugins.

But you will still need a reliable WordPress hosting service and WPEngine Hosting  is THE place to do just that. Their selection of great packages and pricing options does allow anyone to start small and grow bigger as the affiliate business grows.

But WPEngine.com are not the only great website hosting service out there.

Here is a list of even more popular domain name registrars and hosting services for you to visit and check out (not in a particular order):

EasySpace – a UK based service provider for hosting

HostGator – Great service and a variety of packages available

GoDaddy US – Great offers on domain names as well as webhosting for the US market

GoDaddy UK – Same as for the US market, but geared towards the UK market (prices in £)

NameCheap – Domains & hosting

123 Reg Uk – Hosting services and domain registration services

BlueHost – A very popular US based hosting and domain names service provider

Weebly – Offers free and paid hosting services – Great for newbies to get started with

iPage – Web hosting that includes an easy to use site builder, a full suite of tools, and 24/7 customer support at the right price.

Do go and check them out.
They are not without reason some of the best WP hosting services sites out there.

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