Wealthy Affiliate Review 2017 – Is it a scam?

No it’s NOT A SCAM. Actually it is a program you really need to check out – Wealthy Affiliate . I stumbled across them by chance amd must say that their site, customer support and price for their service is top notch. Let me tell you a bit more about their offerings and then, even though I really think you could not do much better,  make up your own mind.

So what is Wealthy Affiliate all about?

Essentially, it is a community where all users are interested in building their own affiliate marketing website(s) to generate residual income from their efforts. And since many new starter affiliates are having real struggles to get started, Wealthy Affiliate not only provides the platform for building your affiliate business, but they also have a training programme to get you started. Having seen the quality of their training content, it’s worth joining them just for the FREE training.

Which brings me to another important point:

Joining Wealthy Affiliate is actually FREE!
YES – FREE to get you started!!!

No, I wasn’t kidding as you can see from their services overview:

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2017

As you can see from the table, it’s a fantastic deal – even for the free version. Of course, they are in business to make money like anyone else. And this they have down to a fine art by offering not just a whole affiliate community to work and communicate with, but also an advanced Bootcamp training where you learn even more about the business of affiliate marketing. Just searching the internet to sign up for or purchase affiliate marketing training can cost you anything between $497 to $1995 a time, so getting it free must tempt anyone to get started.

Their new starter course is the Certification Course which covers all the basics that you need to get started.

I don’t really know what else to say –

Sign up today for a FREE account with Wealthy Affiliate 2017 and give it whirl! You’ve got nothing to lose and so much to gain.


Here’s an update which may be important for you if you are from some far-flung places in the world. Wealthy Affiliate (WA) have placed strong restrictions on users from selected countries which have a history of spamming, hacking attempts, etc. So if you are based in Nigeria for example, you will not be able to join, not free or otherwise, to name but one banned country.

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