Scam Warning 2018

The one aim for any scammer is to get you to part with your money! Once you come to realise that you may have been scammed, getting a refund for the monies paid is virtually impossible. And as more and more people view the internet as a great resources for earning additional money, unscrupulous scammers are making a killing by preying on your hopes and dreams and even your inexperience in this new digital world.

Sadly, there is no ‘normal’ refund process or advice, once you have become a victim of online fraud or scam. While any legitimate business or company usually has no problem in refunding your money through a simple customer service request, you usually will be able to have any matter resolved, the goods returned and your money refunded.

But by their very nature, online scammers are not legitimate businesses. The best advice would be to avoid them altogether. yet in many cases it may not be as simple as it sounds for a variety of reasons:

  • Online scammer usually target home business owners, who may have little or even no experience or knowledge of how to earn money online
  • The websites run by online scammers may just be as professional (and in many cases even more professional) as those for genuine businesses
  • Their ‘customer support’ staff are very often, highly trained sales professionals with just one goal of getting you to part with even more money instead of tending to your refund request for the monies you’ve already paid them…
  • Not all online scammers are running small, one man business operations; in many cases they are a huge network of criminals grouped together
  • It is not unusual for scammers to use threats against those who try to discredit and threaten them
  • Scammers are by default very intimidating to their victims, especially since their customers tend to be new and inexperienced. By using intimidation tactics this very often means that any refund requests are dropped and the scammers are able to go on scamming even more people

Sadly, for many unfortunate scam victims the only recourse is to move on. And this may mean to give up on their dreams of becoming a successful home business owner since they now have to face the added debt they may have accumulated by buying into the scam in the first place.

But even if the normal refund methods don’t work there may be a glimmer of hope.

How may online scam victims be able to get their money back?

Luckily the Internet throws its powers both ways, allowing you, the internet user, to have some additional powers at your disposal. You may be able to use those powers against the business that scammed you and thereby your chances of getting a partial or full refund may be greatly increased. There is in fact a blueprint which has been widely shared across the internet. I am happy to share this with you here:

  • Always try to use a credit card for any online transaction payments
  • Keep a complete record of all dealings with the company, such as particular dates, times, names of people contacted/spoken to, telephone numbers, etc.
  • Record all your conversations with their ‘customer support’ members
  • Use the any of the popular search engines to find other victims who have been scammed by the same company
  • Use the power of Scam Review sites such as:
  • Do some online research on the background of the company executives. Many of them may alresady be known online as having been involved in dubious money making scams which may have been shut down since
  • Compile a full report of how you personally were scammed by the company
  • Ensure that all your information is true and accurate and make sure that you do have all the necessary evidence to back your claim
  • Once you have collated and packaged all your information, visit as many of the spam review sites as you can and publish your review/comments on a dedicated website
  • Then inform the company of your action you have taken

Your actions taken will force the company to start to negotiate with you or risk the exposure of their scam operations to the global Internet community. Being a business themselves they can estimate the negative impact your expose’ may have and which in turn will reduce the number of future customers they can go on to scam.

In many cases you need to expect that as part of any negotiations you will be required to take down any publicised information once they have refunded your money. Online scammers do rely on the fact that their victims are not able to pursue their refund requests through the normal methods. However, by standing up for your rights, you not only substantially increase your chances of obtaining a refund of your hard earned money, you also help to ensure that other hopeful home business owners don’t go on to become victims.

Oh, and if you have paid a scammer with your credit card, always speak to your credit card company to see how they may be able to assist in not only refunding your money, but in many cases they may be able to cancel the transaction completely, ie. the scammers will not receive the payment. Moreover credit card companies may blacklist repeat offenders and thereby cut their lifeline, which then unfortunately so, may resurface a short while later under a different name, scamming more unsuspecting victims…

So be vigilant and don’t part with your money easily – If it sounds too good to be true – IT USUALLY IS !

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