How to select a profitable Affiliate Niche

Affiliate marketing is a highly competitive market. And competition is healthy, especially if it is a niche that is already successful in making money for others.

If you just choose a niche on your passion, then it may be a lot harder to get started, as some niches just don’t have the affiliate programmes to support the niche and ultimately will not have any financial rewards for you.

Let’s say you are passionate about breading ants, you know those little critters that invade your garden and have quite a nasty nip… While you may be very passionate about ants, there are no affiliate programmes fitting this niche. So – no money in it for you! Re-think your strategy and move on.

But there are a number of so-called evergreen niches which many people cover while making tons of money:

  • – Money
  • – Health
  • – Relationships

Picking any evergreen niche is an almost guaranteed success, and by picking one of the above ones you really cannot go wrong. These are niches where people always looking for solutions to resolve issues when things have gone wrong. Most importantly, people do have money to spend on resolving any issues in those niches – good news for you and potentially high financial rewards for your efforts.

But operating in just the ‘top-level’ niche is too competitive. You will spend time to drill down and work in a sub-niche. Even better if you work in an almost untapped sub-niche. This is specialisation which not only makes you a more successful affiliate marketer but can also make you stand out against your competition as a specialist in that field or sub-niche.

So how would this look in an example?

Mental Health > Anxiety Disorders > Social Anxiety > Public Speaking > Overcoming stage fright

In this example you see that even though the main niche is Health and more specifically Mental Health, I have drilled down to a sub-niche and even further down to end up with Overcoming Stage Fright.
Many people suffer from this, especially people in leading positions within corporations are afraid of holding speeches or leading seminars. And they welcome any help they can get and are willing to pay good money for those solutions… So this would be my chosen niche to pursue.

This was only one example for you.

Here are a few more tips of where you can find and/or research other lucrative niches:

  • Look at your own interests, passions, hobbies or any other area you have skills or knowledge in
  • Check out competitors as this can give you an indication of a good market to go into if they are already making money
  • Check out magazines in your local store. Magazines are very niche market driven. And if they have good sales numbers they are a good niche. After all, publishers would not spend money on magazines they cannot sell…
  • Have a look at Google. Search for your niche keywords and check if any ads are being displayed with your keywords. If people are paying for those ads and keywords, there should be a good market for that.
  • Google Keyword Planner is another great place to research keywords for your niche. How many people per month are searching for your keywords?
  • Check out or even for more ideas. Both have great research options to browse sales items by subject, popularity, sales etc.
  • Start out with just one specific niche. Then build momentum on your chosen niche until you become known as the specialist in your chosen niche.
  • is THE number one place for digital information products. They have literally thousands of highly sought after information products for almost any niche. This is a definite one to use in your affiliate marketing strategy!
  • Do some research of where people are spending money and what they are spending it on. Then meet their demand by setting up shop to give them just what they want.
  • Ensure that your chosen niche has longevity to it. Avoid trends if you can. While they may make you some quick cash in the short run, they may just as well disappear without you noticing the rapid decline, costing you dearly in loss of sales and wasted time and effort.
  • Another great resource is They have a huge range of magazines from all across the world to research for great niches. They have broken down all their listings into categories and showing the popularity as well. It’s a gold mine of information for you to explore.

Spend some time working your way through my list of suggestions to build yourself a clear picture of how you will approach your affiliate marketing business. This will even the path for you and protect you from getting downtrodden when things don’t start to work at the first attempt.

Remember – I mentioned perseverance as one of the attributes you need to adopt!

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