My Affiliate Power Site (MAPS) v2 Review

This is an all-in-one service, which not only provides training but also helps you to set up a complete affiliate site for you. They provide a unique affiliate sales plugin option and more. They even let you join their service for FREE.

My affiliate power site v2 review 2017

Let’s look a little closer at their offerings:

I think I already mentioned above that My Affiliate Power Site is in itself a fully functioning website helping you in the promotion of many different affiliate programmes and opportunities. It includes the option for a free report through an attractive opt-in form to your visitors in exchange for their email address.

It goes even further in allowing you to set up 6 weeks worth of follow up messages for your autoresponder series. The system owners also give you a 60 Days Money Back Guarantee if you change your mind after testing out their free start-up offer. To make up your own mind, do have a look at My Affiliate Power Site today!

What types of membership do they have?

1) FREE – The basic and FREE membership allows you access to all the training documentation materials with the opportunity to promote MyAffiliatePowerSite and earn a hefty 50% commission for anyone you refer to the site and who upgrades to their paid service packages.

2) SILVER – By becoming a SILVER level member you get all the benefits of the FREE membership as well as getting access to the video training where Ken shows you how to build an affiliate website from scratch. This SILVER level is being offered as an OTO for a one-time fee of $27 and you can earn a 50% commission for anyone you refer to upgrade to their SILVER package.

3) GOLD – Becoming a GOLD member mena that you have all the benefits of the FREE and SILVER packages PLUS you get the full branding rights to all the training materials. To summarise, if someone signs up through your membership affiliate link and purchases web hosting, a WordPress theme, an autoresponder, a plugin or anything else from within the My Affiliate Power Site options, you will get the commission on those sales.

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