How to earn extra cash and increase your income

Even though my site is predominantly focussed on affiliate marketing and affiliate sales, some of my visitors may also be interested in working from home while making money online. But this does not necessarily be via the affiliate marketing route.

Check out some of my tips and money making ideas below. Some of the ideas I am sharing with you, could earn you some easy and quick $10, $20 or even more in a short space of time.

So let’s see what you could do to make some cash in your spare time:

1. SwagBucks

This is a great site to join while doing things online you love. SwagBucks has a great number of offers and they do pay you to do things like shopping online, playing various games, watching video content, visiting and signing up for particular websites and more…

In essence – you earn FREE cash!  Sign up with Swagbucks and earn your first $5 FREE!

2. Selling unwanted books through BookScouter

While this service is only available to US based sellers, there is no easier and efficient way to turn your unwanted or old books into cash. Anyone can do it! Even the kids can do it!

All you need to do, is adding your books into BookScouter. You need to enter the book ISBN number and press the Submit button. Within a few seconds you will see which of the 40+ book buy-back sites are offering you the best deal. Then click the button to accept the highest paying offer and request a return envelope. Upon receipt of the return envelope, pack your book inside and send it off. Within a few days you will receive your money. Easy!

3. Claiming for ‘lost’ or ‘forgotten’ money

Life has become so busy and sometimes we just forget this old bank account we opened when we were young. We may have saved some money in the account but never remembered.

Via a great site  (for the US people) or (for UK people) to check if there is any of your money laying dormant somewhere. For UK people, who may also have bought some premium bonds and never checked if they won, they could check online at NSANDI.

And for the UK people there is a designated website UnClaimedAssets which lists lots of other sites to check for lost or forgotten money.

4. Fiverr

Another site, which has been extremely helpful in earning people recurring income has undoubtedly been Fiverr . It earns you money by offering your services at the base rate of $5. You can then add additional services to your base offering making you even more money on every order. The services or tasks you can offer includes letter writing, graphic design, marketing services and a whole lot more. Whatever you can do, I am sure there is someone who would like to hire and pay for your service.

Sign up with Fiverr today and start earning $5 and more.

5. Mechanical Turk by has a designated site where you can accept and complete assignments online, while getting paid for doing them. They have given it a very strange name though – Mechanical Turk (what’s that all about…?)

The tasks which you can get paid for are called ‘Gigs’ and include simple tasks such as creating some documents, reviewing product descriptions and images or whatever else the ‘clients’ may require.

Check out gigs today at MTurk

6. Make money while you take part in online Surveys

The title says it all – you get paid for answering simple surveys. Some of the most popular survey companies looking for people all the time are Harris Poll US . They have great incentives for all their survey partners and also pay pretty decent returns on yout ime investment.

Another oone worth mentioning is SurveyJunkie US and SurveyJunkie UK . Both of those are also great sites to earn some extra money answering simple surveys based on stuff that interests you. Click the US or UK site link to join them today!

7. Product testing

You can apply to become a product tester, receiving free products on which you then complete a review form for which you will then get paid. One of the largest player in the consumer testing research is Concept Testing

8. Becoming a Secret Shopper

In the UK this also is commonly referred to as market research. But this is how it works…
You sign up with a market research company in the UK or check out the US Mystery Shopping Association for contact details.
Once you get assigned to a project, in many cases you outlay a little of your own money to purchase a product to test the customer service aspect of the business. Then, when you are no longer in view of the business, you complete a simple feedback form of your observations.

The product you may have had to buy, in many cases you may keep – and with your fee for the secret shopper visit, and on production of the purchase receipt, you will be reimbursed for the expense.

BUT BEWARE – There are mystery shopping scammers out there promising you huge commissions after you pay them a joining fee. Hey, if I have to pay someone to earn money legit – then it’s got to be a scam, right? Don’t pay for your job!

9. Babysitting

Now this is one you cannot do online! But check out the various babysitting sites such as Sitter City or CARE to find you new babysitter job.

10. Petsitting or Dog walking

Either one can be very rewarding, not necessarily in money earned only, but in the company you have with a lovely dog. The best way to find jobs like this are by word of mouth, flyer dropping at those homes who you may know to have a dog, or by putting a notice on the community board in your local Pet Store.

US people may want to join Fetch Petcare

11. Selling your old tut on

Take a picture of your old chair, write a short description about it and flog it on the auction site or – Marvellous!

12. Craigslist Classifieds

Even though has had some negative press over the recent years, it is still one of the world’s largest classifieds. Just like you can sell almost anything on this site. But it’s not an auction site. The price you ask for your unwanted stuff, is negotiable with the buyer is you so wish. But as a ‘fleamarket’ to rid your home of unwanted stuff it’s brilliant.

13. Selling your unwanted CDs, DVDs and Games

There are plenty of online companies, paying your cash for your unwanted digital items. US people might want to check out Second Spin. They buy almost anything, including videos, BlueRay and even vinyl records.

For UK people, you might want to try Cex at or have a look at GameXChange. Even though they are a US company, they do have a strong market presence in the UK.

Lastly I think you may want to check out Trade-ins. They are specifically looking for video games and books. But they do not pay great rates on your old stuff and also it’s worth knowing that they do NOT pay you cash, but instead give you credits for future online purchases.

14. Selling Artwork

If you are nifty with creating jewellery, paintings or other arts & crafts items, then you really cannot pass Etsy.  This is THE place to be. Sign up to an account today and market your products to a world-wide buyers market.

15. Sell your photos via DevianArt

There is money to be made with your photographs, prints and other digital works.

16. ArtFire at is another great site to sell your artworks online

17. Selling T-Shirts and stickers via RedBubble

If you are an artist and you want to see and sell your designs on posters, t-shirts or stickers, then sign up with RedBubble.

You create the designs and they will, for a small commission, market, print and ship your products.

18. Just like above, check out Society6

These people will do all the marketing and shipping for you. But their product range is better, allowing your designs to be printed onto tote bags, laptop skins and even pillows.

19. Be-the-Boss Business Network

If you are looking for a way to earn a great income from home then do check out the Be-the-Boss Business Network . How would you like to build a solid financial future for yourself and your family? Be the Boss Network is the premier direct selling community and MLM directory. They do unfortunately though only accept applications from US residents.

Check them out today and sign up FREE.

20. Countdown To Profits – Working from home money making opportunity

If you are like me then you are sick of working your whole life away for peanuts. This guy has something that is actually working right now on the internet. He has developed this weird technique which can work for you too…
Why not visit  Countdown To Profits and just watch the video to discover how it works. Completely FREE right now.

He provides all the resources and the training to help you achieve your financial freedom goals. Check out Countdown To Profits NOW!


Ok, while all those tips given here aren’t going to make you rich instantly, they are great ways to make additional money on the side. And having some extra cash is always welcome.

Why not share your money-making experience and ideas with others on this site by adding your comments below.

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