How to make money with online courses

If you are wanting to share your existing skills or knowledge, one of way to do this is to create online courses which you then market and sell to interested parties. This doesn’t even require you to host or own your own website. The platforms to host your uploaded training courses are  provided to you completely free of charge by the site owners. The market is growing steadily and great returns can be made on those platforms.

But you do need to produce quality course content, presented in a clearly structured format with proper voice-overs and interesting slides. Most of the course content providers will enforce strict rules on their course quality. If you think you can handle this challenge, the financial rewards from the views/sales of your courses can be very attractive indeed. And as they are a recurring income model, you create the course once and then reap the benefits of repeat sales for as long as the course provider stays in business, in some cases for years.

So here’s my list of suggestions:

1.) Skillshare

The easiest platform which lets you upload short courses content is Skillshare .

The money you earn is based on the minutes of your course content viewed by paid members. You even earn $10 for each successful referral who takes out an annual membership subscription. Subscribers do not have to pay any additional money for the courses they wish to view.


Probably the most well-known programme out there. They have 1000’s of courses in various subject matters as well as very high quality content. as a business are very professional in their quality content checks and it can be frustrating to be accepted. But perseverance does pay of as the residual income form the course sales is around 70% of the cost charged for the course.

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