How to make money online in 2017

There are many opportunities out there and just thinking about making money online is just not good enough. With everything in life, if you have an idea – act on it. Only when you take action will you be able to assess your idea further, especially when it comes to turning your idea into money.

You may be tempted to spend hundreds or even thousands of your hard earned Dollars or Pounds on buying some promising ‘Get Rich Quick’ schemes or programmes, when after a while you come to realise that the only person making the riches is or are the programme sellers. It doesn’t take a genius to work out how to earn money from the internet. But it takes stamina, perseverance and a good deal of trial and error of what works best for you.

But you don’t have to re-invent the wheel. It can be said that looking at other successful online marketers and copying their way of doing things and then adding your own personal style to it may just be the ticket; the recipe for success.

What are the best ways to make money online?

– Blogging

Creating a blog about something you are interested in. On a subject matter which is easy for you to create and maintain. Since it will be YOUR blog about your passion you can be sure that you will devote time to it. This could be about your favourite sports, shopping tips, make-uptips, review of products or whatever takes your fancy.

And when you have set up your blog you need to consider how to make a return on your time investment. The easiest and most efficient way would be to monetize it through affiliate links. Have a browse through the various affiliate programme categories I am sharing in my blog.

– Writing/creating your own online courses

This has become big business for many people. Sharing your skills and knowledge by creating online courses, publishing those on various online course platforms while earning recurring income on a 24/7 basis.

Check out some of the course provider platforms you could join to upload and sell your own online courses. Some of the most recognisable brands in this market have to be and Skillshare .

Check out some more info on creating your own courses here.

– Creating a coupon website

This is again a simple way to monetize your efforts online. Create a website or blog to share the latest shopping coupons with your visitors. If they then go ahead and purchase items through your website links, you will get a share of the sales revenue.

One of the largest players in this affiliate sales field has to be They have a huge following across the globe and they do pay quite decent returns to their affiliates.

– Any other idea you may have which can easily be monetized through affiliate and/or referral sales links

Browse around my site to get more ideas and suggestions to start your own affiliate business.


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