How Much Money Can I Make From Internet Marketing

This appears to be one of the most common questions: How much money can I earn from affiliate marketing?

And not without surprise, I’d ask you ‘How long is a piece of string’? Out there are many people claiming to be making thousands if not tens or even millions of dollars from the internet. Yet on the flipside there are probably 10’s of thousands if not millions of people seriously struggling to make any kind of online sales.

So, let’s cut through the chase and see if and how much money can you really could be making on the internet? But before you can hit the BIG time, there are a selection of factors which must be in place to give you the footing on which to get started.

So read on:

1. Niche
Not all niches are equal and while there are niches that are “evergreen” or will always be in demand, plus of course niches that are seasonal in nature. Products related to health, making money and love are evergreen and will always sell. Physical products like digital cameras and baby stuff are also evergreen. Christmas cards and trees, or even Valentine’s and/or Easter for example are obviously seasonal in nature.

There are a great number of affiliate marketing program companies out there and it’s worth checking them out, especially if you are running a niche blog ready for affiliate marketing:

Whatever you do, if you are intent on making money from the Internet always go for products which are consistent bestsellers or you will have a hard time making any money.

2. Marketing strategies
There are many different ways to market things online, including advertising on ad networks, and search engine  information marketing, also known as Search Engine Optimization through Click Monitoring and Tracking (SEO). We can’t say this often enough, but learning to master of any marketing method is as important as your breathing. It’s CRITICAL to your online success since this is how you reach your potential buyers for the products you’re promoting.

SEO can be done by yourself and is free, but it will take time to get ranked by the search engines and earn money. SEO services can also be hired and they don’t always come cheap. Better still to learn and apply your skills to make you a better marketer in the long run? One of the best click tracking and monitoring service providers are  Improvely – Click Monitoring and Tracking .

Alternatively, you could spend a lot of money by advertising here and there on different ad networks, but then again you could have your first sale 24 hours after posting an ad. There is no right or wrong approach to online marketing. But let me give you one piece of advice: Pick one personally preferable method and stick with it until you master it and start making a regular income from it. More often than not, first-timers simply wet their feet in one method and get impatient very quickly when it doesn’t generate an ‘instant’ income. Just continue to build your skill in your chosen method and persevere. Jumping from one thing to another doesn’t work either, and many who have tried kept left wondering why they never make or made any money.

3. Pre-selling
Never assume that affiliate internet marketing is about selling. You are very WRONG!
Instead it is about building relationship, warming people up to the idea that your product can benefit them in some shape or form. So, whether you are writing copy for an ad campaign or writing content for your website, always talk in terms of how a product can benefit them. But do not exaggerate any claims you make about the product or service.
People are not stupid and they can “smell a rat a mile off” if you’re just trying to sell them something. The best online marketers respect the intelligence of their audience, and so they get love in return in the form of brisk sales. You too can succeed with affiliate internet marketing, you just need to remember the points above.

Affiliate internet marketing is NOT rocket science. It is in many ways like Maths… if you do ‘X’ plus ‘Y’ the result will be ‘Z’.

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