How to pick a money making Affiliate Site Domain Name

By default, domain names are relatively cheap to buy. You can order them for a minimum of 1 year and up to 12 years. The longer term you buy them the cheaper they will be per year.

And domain names are important for your affiliate business success. Picking the wrong name can not only be a mistake to make but could potentially kill your business. If you come to realise that your chosen domain name is not working well for you, just purchase another one and move on.

Domain names have become a commodity and finding the perfect one- or two-word name may almost be impossible to do since they can sell for earth-shattering amounts of money.

So how do you go about finding and choosing a successful domain name?

  1. Pick a .com extension
    By default most people type a website name into a browser with a .com extension. Only when this does not work will they start looking elsewhere.
  2. Keep the name short and easily memorable
    Well I am not really one to talk then… isn’t exactly fitting that profile. But it tells visitors what they will discover when visiting my site. But if you can do it shorter, go for that.
  3. Choose narrow and specific
    If you are in the market of selling fashion to women, don’t pick a broad level domain like Instead use your sub-niche and select something like
  4. Try to avoid numbers or hyphens in your domain name
    People have difficulty remembering some domain names with numbers or hyphens and they can add to those mental blocks. Yes I have hyphens in mine, but the site is well known already, so I don’t see any issues for me. This may be different for yourself though…
  5. Use keywords in your domain name
    Using keywords in your domain is a great way to let the search engines and the visitors know what your site is all about.
  6. Visit the Google Keyword Planner tool
    Check out which keywords or phrases people are using and searching for. Then pick 5-7 keywords which match your affiliate business which may help you to decide on your ideal domain name.
  7. Think of the spelling
    Keeping your domain easy to spell is important too. If you tell someone your domain name they should be able to spell it first time to get to your site without problems.
  8. Observe the laws on copyright and branding
    Using a brand name or copying someone else’s name can get you into serious trouble. In many cases it is illegal and could cost you not just a legal challenge but even jail.

My selection of tips should set you well on your way to get the best domain for your new affiliate site. If you have any other ideas, do share.

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