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The selection of resources listed below will help you to get your business off the ground, support it and grow it easily and professionally. I have searched for you to find affiliate marketing, website hosting, WordPress themes and plugin resources plus a lot more services which you may wish to consider along the way of your business venture.

I will add to this list anything new I find which may be of interest to you. For special offers on some of the resources below, do check out the Special Offers page on a regular basis, to grab the latest coupon codes for those great deals.

So lets get going…

To start a successful affiliate marketing and online business there are a few tools which do come in handy. Depending on how far you wish to push yourself in your online ‘adventure’, here are some ideas of what you may need:

Video recordings – to advertise products, services and more, then you cannot go wrong with the easiest and most popular software from, called Camtasia. I use it for all my requirements where I produce training videos for clients. Click here to learn more.

Your own website for blogging, reviews and/or marketing. There are a number of great hosting companies out there and here is my list of the ones I have worked with in the past:

There are of course a whole lot more providers out there, but these are the ones I would recommend to check out depending on your personal budget.

If you are planning to run your own online directory, this can be quite a challenge to set up, due to the requirements of a database, payment processing etc. One company that sets itself apart from the rest is ‘ Brilliant Directories . They provide a turn-key setup to get you started with one of the best options to creating your own online directory. Do check them out today if your want to be running a  Brilliant Directory while making good money.


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