How to earn extra cash and increase your income

How to make extra cash

Even though my site is predominantly focussed on affiliate marketing and affiliate sales, some of my visitors may also be interested in working from home while making money online. But this does not necessarily be via the affiliate marketing route. Check out some of my tips and money making ideas below. Some of the ideas I am sharing with you, could earn you some easy and quick $10, $20 or even more in a short space of time. So let’s see what you could do to make some cash in…

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Some of the highest paying hosting affiliate programs

Affiliate programmes for website hosting services

There are many affiliate programmes which can earn a pretty penny, but some of the highest paying are in the world of website hosting. Hosting companies are paying great affiliate commissions, but their services are very competitive among the affiliate marketers… Let me share with you some of the best out there: 1.) TurnKey Internet is a leading provider of dedicated servers, cloud servers, web hosting, virtual private servers, mail servers, colocation, disaster recovery backup services, and managed services. They were established back in 1999 with a strong focus on…

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A selection of the most popular affiliate business training courses

Affiliate Business Training Courses

Nobody said it was easy to start your own business. And starting your own affiliate business is also not an easy, get rich quick ride. If people have told you that affiliate marketing is like printing your own money – they are WRONG! You have to work on your traffic, you have to build traction and most of all, you have to be professional. But all this can be learned easily. I have sourced a selection of the best affiliate training courses for you to review and choose whichever suits…

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How to pick a money making Affiliate Site Domain Name

Choosing your Affiliate Site Domain Name

By default, domain names are relatively cheap to buy. You can order them for a minimum of 1 year and up to 12 years. The longer term you buy them the cheaper they will be per year. And domain names are important for your affiliate business success. Picking the wrong name can not only be a mistake to make but could potentially kill your business. If you come to realise that your chosen domain name is not working well for you, just purchase another one and move on. Domain names…

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How to select a profitable Affiliate Niche

Choosing an affiliate niche

Affiliate marketing is a highly competitive market. And competition is healthy, especially if it is a niche that is already successful in making money for others. If you just choose a niche on your passion, then it may be a lot harder to get started, as some niches just don’t have the affiliate programmes to support the niche and ultimately will not have any financial rewards for you. Let’s say you are passionate about breading ants, you know those little critters that invade your garden and have quite a nasty…

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How to plan and set goals for your financial success

Setting golas and plans for your affiliate business

Do you know what it feels like to walk around without any direction of where to go or how to get there? You do? Then you will quickly realise that planning and goal setting are the first and foremost important steps you need to take to get your affiliate marketing business off the ground. Even though I just said that, I cannot count the people I have been in touch with who just ignored this step. It is a critical error to make… Without a clear path and direction you will…

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