Affiliate Link Bomber Review 2017 – Ben Shaffer

Ben Shaffer will introduce you to some great ways to make residual affiliate commissions with his Affiliate Link Bomber tool. His tool will help you to create friendly links rather than sharing the unfriendly links usually given to you by the affiliate program providers.

Ben Shaffer's Affiliate Link Bomber tool

Everyone who is in the affiliate markeing game, will have come across one of the most annoying facts – People DO STEAL your commissions. It’s not difficult to do, that’s why some people are taking advantage of the fact.

But there are tools out there which will help you to protect your commissions. Ben Shaffer’s Affiliate Link Bomber is such a tool. His free 22 minutes video on his site will give you a good overview of what the tool can do for your affiliate commissons as well as some valuable insight on how to grow your affiliate marketing business. This is especially useful for all newbies out there. Hey, the video is FREE! So you have nothing to lose.

So how does Affiliate Link Bomber protect your commissions?

Basic link redirect and masking: This is common to all masking products.

  1. Sub-campaigns: This is nothing new but not offered very often. Affiliate Link Bomber gives you the option to use a hyphen and keyword combination appended to the end of the redirect links, making it easy for you to excactly see where your commission clicks are coming from.As an example, you set up a redirect for a product called Product A your link may look like Additionally, you could use /productA-facebook for you to now see exactly how many clicks your Facebook ad campaign has generated. You could also use /productA-adwords or whatever else you want to use. This is incredibly useful. For serious affiliate marketers even essential.
  2. The use of cookies: Some people refer to it as cookie stuffing and it may be classed as ‘black hat’ approach. I really do think that this is a great way to protect your affiliate commissions. It helps to stop people messing around with your affiliate links. This is one way in reducing your stress and anxiety when your site get’s visited by affiliate haters trying to cheat you out of your affiliation commissions.
  3. Utilising Popups: Whether you hate them or not, they are and always have been a very effective method to market and definitely should have a place in your affiliate toolkit.
  4. Viral Top Bar: Lastly there is the option to add a viral top bar to the top of your site page, allowing you to add almost any kind of HTML in there. So it would be useful for sign-up options to grow your list or to market additional products.

All in all – Affiliate Link Bomber is a solid product at a rediculous one time payment price.

As I mentioned already, even if you are still unsure of the product being right for you –
Do check out Ben’s FREE video for inspiration.

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