Affiliate Camo Review – Matt Callen

Matt Callen, a well known online marketer has created the Affiliate Camo tool that automatically cloaks and replaces ANY keyword in your blog posts from one central command center so that you will know exactly where you are making money from!

Matt Callen's Affiliate Camo

This services comes in two offerings – a basic FREE version and a Platinum version for $77 per year.

Let’s have a look at what this software can do for you:

In essence Affiliate Camo is an affiliate marketing software and according to the developers it is aimed at affiliate marketers who wish to:

  • instantly brand and track their affiliate links
  • make their content look natural through self-set keywords and limits thereof
  • the protection of their affiliate commissions by cloaking all affiliate links
  • make all affiliate links look like site URLs
  • turn their affiliate URLs into ‘sexy’ links
  • turn their affiliate links into an automated earning machine on their blogs
  • make sure all their affiliate links earn them commision without being highjacked

Using Affiliate Camo for making residual affiliate income ensures that your affiliate commissions are protected, which is what every serious online marketer should do.

Matt Callen has therefore released access to this great tool by offering two version, The FREE basic version as well as the Platinum version for an annual fee of $77. The Platinum version initially will set you back $7 for a weeks trial, after which then you will be charged the full $77 for a years subscription.

You can check this out right here.

Initially you can sign up for a FREE account and this is where you can then download Affiliate Camo Basic. Along the way, and if you feel that it is the tool for you, you can then have the option to upgrade from within.

By upgrading you get some additional benefits:

  • You will get even more tracking analysis than with the basic version
  • You can brand your own version of the software and also place your own links into the platinum version
  • You can promote your own version of the software with your own links and make additional commissions
  • You can create referrals as well

The support for the software though is somewhat limited as there is only an email contact link for support. This may be a bit of a turn-off for some people. But the set-up of the software is supported with a well structured training video.

All in all though this a worthwhile addition to your affiliate marketing tool kit that it definately worth checking out.

Sign up for Affiliate Camo today!

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