Affiliate Ad Rotator Review 2017

John Thornhill & Dave Mickelson have created the Affiliate Ad Rotator tool to automatically rotate graphical banners for the best selling affiliate products.

Affiliate Ad Rotator for Clickbank products

It is an excellent product idea which will help site owners to create fully automated and targeted affiliate ads. This is the idea of it. All ads can be rotated regularly and thereby achieve a high exposure and conversion. The whole set-up is very much based around ClickBank.

This is as easy as selecting any required ads by ticking a check box. Then one has to enter their ClickBank ID. An almost indefinite number of ads are available and can be selected. Those affiliate ads can then be displayed at anytime the siteowner chooses. Thene there are the additional options to choose from within the Affiliate Ad Rotator.

This includes changes to the borders of the ad as well as the alignment. Once all the settings have been made, the generated code is ready to be copied and added to the affiliate site. This code will then track the conversion of the ad as well as tracking the affiliate commissions. All commission calculations and payments are managed through ClickBank.

But this is not a get rich scheme. Just like any other website it requires marketing of the affilaite site to gather traffic which must then be converted to sales.  But with the Affiliate Ad Rotator this can be made a lot easier and speedier than doing it manually.

You really should get the Affiliate Ad Rotator, especially as the price of $7.95 is a steal!

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