Welcome to my affiliate, referrals and internet marketing blog where I share with you the best affiliate & referral programs you can join to make money online. In addition, there are of course numerous other ways to make money online in the internet marketing world.

If you already have a website or a blog where you write about products and/or services you have used and reviewed, then you would be foolish not to utilise those blogs and stories for residual income through affiliate links.

It is ever so easy to do and with the help of my blog it will be a breeze.

Admittedly, I am being compensated for some of the links I share with you – i.e. I may get paid a commission if you sign up with any of my recommendations or advertisers through my links. This way I am able to keep this site running, helping you to make money while I do too. Isn’t this idea of affiliate marking wonderful? This is what I aim to achieve with my blog – teaching you to include links to products and/or services you write about in your own blog.

And, even though you may be ordering products or services via my affiliate links, the products or services would not cost you any more than if you had purchased them directly – no additional charges will be made when ordering or purchasing through my blog. In some cases I am even able to give you a selection of special discounts to some of the products or services which may come in handy for you while building your own money making blog. Check out the Special Deals page for the latest offers I can share with you. But do act quickly as some offers do only last a short time.

In the top menubar of all pages, check out the various categories I have created for a great selection of affiliate and money making programs. Surely there must be something there for you to have a go at. After all, if you don’t try to monetize your blog in some way, you are leaving money on the table…

Also remember that in addition to adding affiliate links to your blog or website, there are other ways to make money online.

You could potentially earn good money by referring your visitors to other sites and earn commission on referrals.

Even though this site is predominantly focussed on internet and affiliate marketing as well as the links to some of the most popular affiliate programs, I will over time keep adding more and more ways to making additional money on the internet. I don’t promise you that you will get rich over night, but everyone has to start somewhere.

Just imagine, as soon as you are starting to make money, and you see your PayPal deposits coming in, you will be a very happy bunny. And even though though it may only be a few quid initially, it soons adds up. And as time and your blog exposure and audience grows, the smile on your face for making money will get bigger too.

I know, mine does too!