4 Online scams to avoid

It is all started a few months ago when a friend of mine got scammed on internet. He was keen on starting a small business from home and ordered and paid for a work from home business package. The package turned out to be a con, a 190mb file download, full of useless PDF instructions (ripped off from various websites) plus lots of advertising for optional more quick money making scheme upgrades.

Even though it didn’t cost a fortune ($49), it made a dent in the wallet. And considering he wasn’t the only one who had received the marketing email advertising the ‘Home Business Package’, it stirred a lot of mistrust in my friends’ online business world. Sadly the internet does have a dark side to it. This ranges from dubious sellers right down to the truly despicable dark net.

But there are also a lot of genuine online businesses and opportunities out there. And as a base rule, the old adage still applies: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

One of the most obvious clues to a scam is if any program tells you that it will not require much (if any) work at all to get you set up and to make up to $1000/day in profit. These are quite obviously untrue and if you are looking for a free ride to money and success, I am sorry to disappoint – it is not going to happen. Every success has a price – it doesn’t come free!

Let me share with you some of the ‘evergreen’ internet scams that have been around for many years and still draw victims by the dozen:

1. Home typing / Data entry Scams

Trust me: Data Entry Programs Are a Scam!
Over the years, many people were buying these “get rich with data entry” programs. At one point they had been a real problem. 1000’s OF PEOPLE WERE SCAMMED. People were buying into these data entry jobs and products in the belief that all they would have to do is “entering data” to make money online. Sounds like a simple and logical way to earn extra money, right? OH, so very WRONG in so many ways!!!

These programs/jobs would take your money, and then tell you to make your “data entry” money by promoting the exact same program to others. In theory, you would be earning money by promoting the data entry program. But in order to do so, you would/will have to spend potentially $1000’s in advertising using Pay Per Click engines like Google AdWords and Yahoo Search Marketing. So if you see any kind of “Data Entry” offers online, stop what you are doing, then a run as far away from it as possible…unless of course you want to be the next victim of a data entry scam.

2. MLM Scams

MLM stands for Multi-Level-Marketing and has and is a very famous type of scam. Even though they keep changing the format, the scam remains the same. Usually they advertised along the lines of  “Join this ‘brand new’ multi-level marketing venture and have too the opportunity to make millions without any work”.  Then you get tempted with highly polished videos, fast car images and ‘success stories’ to join the elite few people who now travel the world and live in mansions in the most beautiful locations…

To put this into reality for you, the only people who make the money within a multi-tiered marketing scheme are those who start it (and maybe the lucky few who get in on the first level). There have been literally 100’s of MLM programs removed entirely from the Internet because they were fraudulent and were simply taking peoples money without giving them anything in return. But more keep creeping up and some even are re-livened to attract more unsuspecting victims on a daily basis…

3. Surveys Scams

Don’t become another victim of those $150/hour survey scams! You probably will have seen those survey offers in the past, where you are promised up to $150 per hour for simply filling out surveys.

Let’s think this through for a moment – if it was this easy, don’t you think the whole world would be sitting at home filling out surveys? Well, they would be and the fact of the matter is, YOU WILL NOT MAKE MONEY WITH SURVEYS. Admittedly, they may have been a few people who did make some money, but you can probably count them on one hand. If you now think about the fact that these programmes charge you an up-front fee, usually around $49.95, you will be hard pushed if you could ever make a profit. Save your money and your time, and AVOID SURVEYS altogether.

4. GET Rich Quick Scams

‘Get Rich Quick’ scams are everywhere you look… in the newspapers, magazines, on TV and scattered across the Internet. If you think that there is an easy way to making money on- or offline then I have some BAD NEWS for you. It takes hard and dedicated work to make money within any kind of business, and there are no shortcuts such as something that will “get your rich while you sleep”.

If you have fallen for one of these scams already, you are not alone. Everyone who is looking to or already is making money online, has been subjected to some type of a “get rich quick” scam at some point. Well, most of us learn from our mistakes and never fall for these programs again.

On the contrary of online scams, there are resources that are 100% legitimate, and can build you a foundation for making money online. These are NOT SCAMS, and they do not claim to get you rich overnight. They teach you the best techniques and practices for earning money online, and they are essentially building the foundation of your business for you.

This is the aim of my website also, to give you pointers and resources to investigate, helping you in the steps of how to create, start and grow your own business venture online, either as a blogger or affiliate. There are endless ways to make money online. But none of them will make you rich quick!

There has and never will be a business opportunity that will pay you huge amounts of money

for doing F*** All!

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